Upgrading ICU to Install OroCRM on CentOS 5

Recently the crew over at Classy Llama decided to finally jump on board the OroCRM train and begin the process of implementing the software for our own internal use. Sometimes I’m known as the server dude internally, and that’s exactly how I come into play in this endeavor. The question always must be answered, where will we host it? In my neck o’ the woods we run our software on old-fashioned bare-metal servers, which does mean we have some older software than I’d like at times.

Bash Completion on macOS With Brew

I live and breath Mac OS X on a daily basis, with a large portion of my work revolving around the command line using mostly tools which I’ve installed with brew. Bash completion has likely saved me days worth of time over the past decade or so. Little did I know, up until recently, however, that there is an official tap with completion scripts (in addition to the ones which come with individual recipes such as git) which can be installed for tools like docker, vagrant and grunt.

Using Tinyproxy for Mobile Development on macOS

A common problem encountered with web development where private or local development sites with no public DNS sites are being used is the one of viewing these locally running development sites on an iPhone or iPad for testing purposes. This becomes even more of a problem when working on a mobile theme or particularly a responsive design where it’s kind of important to test simultaneously on multiple screen sizes while your implementing the breakpoints required for the content to adapt to the different displays.