Deploying Magento 2 Using Capistrano

This guest post by Erik Hansen will cover how to use the capistrano-magento2 Capistrano Gem to deploy Magento 2 on any static infrustructure design of your choosing. A Little About Capistrano Capistrano is a a tool used to run scripts on multiple servers, typically with the purpose of deploying code changes to those servers. Capistrano works well with both single node deployments as well as multiple node deployments that include separate application and database servers sitting behind a load balancer.

Using Tinyproxy for Mobile Development on macOS

A common problem encountered with web development where private or local development sites with no public DNS sites are being used is the one of viewing these locally running development sites on an iPhone or iPad for testing purposes. This becomes even more of a problem when working on a mobile theme or particularly a responsive design where it’s kind of important to test simultaneously on multiple screen sizes while your implementing the breakpoints required for the content to adapt to the different displays.